Sunday, April 28, 2013

Alyssa – Taking The Pop Genre To A New Level

There’s a new star on the Florida pop scene, Alyssa, and her name will soon be on the minds and hearts of music lovers everywhere. This bright young artist, a New Jersey native who found her way to the dirty south many years ago, and now calls Clearwater her home, is poised to take center stage in the music industry. Expressing interest in music from an early age, she wrote her first songs by the age of fifteen and began performing at the age of eighteen for family and small crowds, working her way into the nightclub scene, honing her stage skills and performances into a finely tuned machine. Citing influences from Madonna and Christina Aguilera to Heart, she is a solid pop artist with a unique sound. This young artist has faced many struggles in her life using each one as inspirations for her music, drawing on the learning experiences of life to guide her craft.

As she started expanding her interest in the music industry by writing and preforming, the feedback was pouring in, and her future was looking bright. However, this first foray into the industry was abruptly cut short when her health intervened, forcing her to take a hiatus from music. Shortly after, she was diagnosed with the aggressive and damaging health issues that are a part of Type I Diabetes. Defying doctor’s predictions, with passion and determination, she fought her way back to good health and to music, finding solace in the tunes that she writes. During the interview, she offered these words to others, “I always felt that music was a form a therapy for the soul, and I hope that by showing the world that I don’t let my health conditions stop me, I could be an inspiration to others that suffer from long-term health problems.”

Not letting any setbacks deter her from her goal, Alyssa is now ready to bring her music to the world. Starting in January of 2013, she began forming her personal team of visionaries, surrounding her with many industry veterans as she finishes up the final tracks for her first full-length release, due out in June of this year. “I’m very excited to be able to bring my music to a new level, and can’t wait to get back on stage,” says the young artist. With the release of the album pending, she is ready to hit the road this summer with the “Bad Girl Summer Club Tour” working it’s way first around Florida and later to the rest of the southeast. With the intention of making Alyssa a household name, she is well on her way to becoming the mega-star like those she idolizes.

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